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Before the Tenancy

What is the Tenant Deposit Scheme and how does it protect me?

Under the Housing Act 2004 all deposits taken to secure a deposit must be registered with a licensed TDS scheme. Tenancy Deposit Schemes exist to ensure that your deposit is protected and administered fairly. At the end of your tenancy, if we make any deductions from your deposit that you feel are unfair, you can request that the TDS arbitrate the decision.

What references do I need to get?

Most agencies mention “referencing” to new tenants. We carry out referencing checks to ensure that you can afford the rent, and are suitable to rent our properties. To do this we need:

  • Proof of ID – Driver’s License or Passport
  • A reference from your previous landlord
  • Proof of income – three months of bank statements/pay slips and a letter from your employer confirming your current job situation
  • Proof of address – utility bills, bank statements, etc, from your current address

What do I do if I want to rent a property I’ve viewed?

Once you want to take a property we will ask you to pay two weeks rent plus our admin fee to reserve the property. Once we receive a reservation fee we stop marketing the property and cancel any viewings for the next five days, during this time you should supply us with all the documents we need. If you need more than five days you need to inform the negotiator who showed you the property. Reservation fees are only refundable if your prospective landlord decides not to rent the property.