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During the Tenancy

Do I have the right to refuse entry if any works, or inspection, needs to be carried out and I have been given notice that keys will be used?

Usually our contractors book appointments with tenants directly, if that’s not convenient and you agree they can gain access with our keys. In certain circumstances (for example, Gas Safe certificates) we have a requirement to carry out repairs in order to be legally able to continue renting your property. If we are unable to contact you to arrange access then we will contact you, provide notice of access, and provide the contractors with keys.

How do I pay my rent?

We only accept rent by standing order. When you sign up we will give you our account details, all you need to do is contact your bank to set up a standing order, this can be done online, over the phone, or by visiting your local branch. You must put the tenancy code given to you when you sign your tenancy; otherwise we will not be able to identify and allocate your rent payments.