What if I need to evict a tenant? | Homefinders

What if I need to evict a tenant?

Homefinders have highly experienced property managers who are usually able to resolve issues with tenants without having to resort to court action. Sometimes it is unavoidable, should this happen then eviction is normally for one of two reasons:

Section 21/Accelerated Possession – If we’ve served notice ending the tenancy and your tenant hasn’t left, the property managers at Homefinders have extensive experience in filing possession claims and overseeing the possession process. While it’s highly unusual, sometimes these claims require a hearing, in which case Homefinders can advise you on what needs to be done in order to secure possession.

Section 8/Breach – This notice is used if a tenant isn’t paying rent, or breaches the contract. Homefinders have a long working relationship with one of the country’s most successful firms of property law solicitors. To date they’ve won every case that we’ve asked them to handle, obviously you can always use your own solicitors for this.