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What are my responsibilities about repairs?

Repairs are usually the most contentious issue of property management. You want to minimise expense at your property and keep your rent coming in, sometimes these don’t go hand in hand.

Repairs that aren’t directly attributable to a tenant abusing the property are the landlord’s responsibility. Your tenants will expect repairs to be carried out as required and we always advise this. Repairing your property not only keeps your tenants happy but prevents you incurring further expenses if a problem is left to develop.

While they don’t expect to live in a hotel, your tenants will expect things like leaks, electrical faults and heating issues to be attended to. That doesn’t make them “problem tenants” just people who expect to get what they’re paying for. So, it’s wise to carry out these types of repairs as soon as it’s practical. Other repairs, such as decoration, are entirely at your discretion.