Gas Safety Certificate: £55 | Homefinders

Gas Safety Certificate: £55

It is a Legal requirement for landlord to have all the gas appliances in a rented property safety-tested every 12 months by a Gas Safe™ registered engineer. At Homefinders we can provide you with your certificate annually to make sure that you fulfil your legal obligations. The certificate takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is carried out by our subcontracted gas safe engineer. We do not charge extra for additional appliances. The price ius fixed at £65 no additional charges. We also offer a service to our customers where we can pick keys up from a local estate agent or we can arrange access through your tenant to carry out the certificate.

Upon completion of all necessary safety checks you will be issued with a certificate. This certificate will be proof that all appliances are safe to use; a copy will need to be given to your tenant within 28 days of being issued and you will also need to retain a copy for two years from this point.

Failure to produce a valid Gas safety certificate (CP12) can result in prosecution, and can also invalidate your property insurance, which in turn means you, can be liable for potential civil claims. The landlord is responsible for this aspect of their tenants’ safety, and if non-compliance were to lead to a death from carbon monoxide poisoning, the landlord could be charged with manslaughter. If you are a landlord and have gas appliances that require gas safety certificates call Homefinders Maintenance Team now on 020 7033 0311 ext 24 or 020 7749 1794 for information and advice.

Average Turnaround Time: 24-72 Hours

Appointment Duration:30-60 Minutes

Payment Options: Pay online Via Debit or Credit Card or Via Telephone with our maintenance team when booking.