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Mile End

The Ragged School Museum

Mile End takes its name from a marker that noted the distance of a mile from the City of London’s border at Aldgate. The marker was not actually located in Mile End, it was in Stepney, but Mile End New Town developed east of here around the 17th century and became known as Mile End.

The area is steeped in history and one of the more notable incidents is the peasants revolt of 1381 by Wat Tyler and Jack Straw. With an uprising against tax, 60,000 peasants marched on London and camped out at mile end. In June, King Richard II rode out to meet the peasants and signed their charter.

Around 1780, following an act of parliament, one of the first workhouses was established in Mile End. Designed to keep poor off the streets, they soon became notorious as places to avoid, even if starving. A remnant from these days can still be seen n Bancroft Road. The Alderney Building on Bancroft Road (now part of Mile of Hospital) was part of a workhouse from 1858.

In 1872, the charitable Dr Bernardo opened one of his first free schools in the area for poor, underprivileged and abused children. A taste of life can still be seen there is you go to 46-48 Copperfield Road and visit The Ragged School museum. Schools such as these were set up across Britain and the commonwealth.

Another monumental moment in history was when the first V1 landed on Globe Road next to the railway arches during World War II on 13th June 1944. Although the use was abominable, this new rocket technology would take man to the moon.

Modern day amenities in Mile End include Mile End Park with its international standard athletics stadium and Regent’s Canal running through. An interesting quirk of architecture is the bridge that takes the park over Mile End Road with has flora and fauna growing on it to give the casual walker the impression they are still in the park.

Queen Mary University has a campus in Mile End which brings many students to live and play in the area. Facilities exist such as restaurants, bars, shops and even a cinema. Being set between Mile End and Stepney Green tube stations, the University and Mile End, have excellent connections to the rest of London via the central and district lines.