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Roman Road Market

The hamlet of Bow dates back almost a thousand years. It name comes from an arched bridge that was built in 1110 under order from Queen Matilda, wife of King Henry I. After having fallen in the River Lea when crossing and almost drowning, it was then she decided a bridge was needed.

Modern day Bow is a charming place to live with a variety of large open green spaces. The most predominant of these is Victoria Park which hosts festivals, music concerts, fireworks displays and is to be used in the coming Olympics. For the casual stroller, there is also a lake, deer enclosure and avery.

Mile End Park is also on the border of Bow and has an international standard athletics stadium as well as Regent’s Canal running through.

Roman Road Market has become quite famous in the area and beyond. The market started in 1843 and offers anything from new clothes to Pie and Mash, the traditional east end staple.

Bow’s housing stock is a mixture of new builds, Victorian terraces and government developments. Benefiting from having several DLR stations and a District line tube, it has become quite a popular place to live for young people.