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Stratford is quite possibly one of the most exciting places to live in London at the moment. With the successful bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics, Stratford is undergoing extreme changes and all within a short space of time.

The first thing to note is Stratford City, a building project that will see 11,000 homes created and a huge shopping centre over 73 hectares of land with amenities such as water features and parks. This is not the only development in the area. The Eurostar is going to be stopping in Stratford in the near future, making the area around an hour’s journey from the continent and making it that little bit closer to Europe with the tourism it will bring. On top of this there is to be Crossrail and a high speed link to Kent added to it existing transport links.

Without all this massive development, as it stands, Stratford is a pretty vibrant place to be. As you enter via the grand and iconic station (served by DLR, Central, Jubilee and north London lines), access to the main drag is usually via Stratford Shopping Centre which hosts an indoor market and has numerous shops from high street names to small independent retailers.

From a cultural perspective, you have the Theatre Royal for plays, comedy and community events. If you are a fan of Cinema there is the Stratford Picturehouse  for the latest movies, and for the more creative type, you can even make a movie at the 3 Mills Studios which dates back as far as the Doomsday Book from the mid 11th century. For those of you who like live entertainment, there is also Stratford Circus for a display of the performing arts. Couple this with the University of East London having a campus here, and you have a quite unique place.

Stratford Broadway can be seen as the main artery running through, and has a market, numerous shops, bars, Cafés and restaurants. This all seems to have a central point of St John’s Church, which was constructed in 1833 and is still running today. Its architecture and presence is astounding but can often be missed if you don’t look up as it is right in the centre of the hustle and bustle of the shopping streets.

All in all, Stratford is a very exciting place to live work and play and can only get better as the investment continues to pour in during the run up to the Olympics.