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Silver Town

This is home to one of my favourite places in the area, the Thames Barrier Park. This vast green expanse with gardens, overlooks the Thames and of course, the Thames Barrier which offers London vital defence against tidal surges that could cause flooding to inland London. The dome structures have become iconic of the area and around the park itself, luxury tower blocks have been developed and as the old industry has moves out, vast swathes of land are started to be re-developed. Of course, some still remains such as the massive Tate and Lyle factory. If you ever have sugar in your tea, chances are it came from here.

Situated between the Royal Docks and the Thames, as it stands there is very little housing in this area, but whatever does get built, is usually to a high standard for its potential owners/renters. 

Access to the area is by London City Airport if you’re a jet setter, or if you’re more like me, Pontoon Dock DLR station.

All in all, Silvertown is a charming and peaceful place to live.