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Stamford Hill

Stamford Hill

This is quite possibly one of the most unique areas in Hackney. Being home to Europe’s largest Hasidic Jewish population and the world’s third largest outside Israel and New York.

The Jewish community in London was originally located in Stepney, but from 1880 onwards, they started to escape the poverty of the area and move on to Stamford Hill which had/has grand houses, green spaces and tree lined streets. Another influx came just before the Second World War as they escaped persecution and then from the rest of London after the war from bomb damaged housing or the post war clearance to build new homes. The building of Synagogues here from 1915 acted as beacon for the strictly observant Jewish sects.

Today, there is around 50 Synagogues in the area, and when you walk down the main high street, this influence can be seen in the distinct clothing that Jewish men and Women wear. It can also be seen in the shops that are in the area with kosher butchers, bakeries and grocers. If you are in the area, I would always recommend trying out a local bagel, or even fish and chips as the fried fish was first introduced to England by Jewish immigrants.

Stamford Hill has some spectacular old houses with a plethora of space. It also has tree lined streets. It is for this reason that the Jewish population moved here from Stepney and other parts of London.