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Curtain Theatre

Another district of Hackney that is steeped in history, although its name is none too flattering. Shoreditch is believed to of originated from Soersditch, which means Sewer Ditch, possibly one of its first possible uses.

Of course, this was not for long. The first playhouse in England, called The Theatre, was established here in 1576 by James Burbage. For those of you who lied Shakespeare, this would of been the place to go to see some of his plays, or to the nearby Curtain Theatre where is believed Romeo and Juliet was first performed...without Leonardo DiCaprio in it though!

In the Victorian era, much like today, Shoreditch became a place to rival the west end for music halls, theatres and bars. A part of this age can still be seen today in Shoreditch Town Hall which is a spectacular piece of architecture and open to the public for weddings, events and the odd music recital.

Recently, as a celebration of the area, there is the Shoreditch Festival which includes a plethora of cultural events. If you like basketball, why not go and watch a London United  game, one of the few professional British basketball teams.

Add all the above to the numerous bars, restaurants art galleries and shops that city folk, artists and students love, and it keeps Shoreditch as a rival to the West End as there is something here for everyone.