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De Beauvoir Town

Benyon Arms, De Beauvoir Town, N1, Ewan Munro

Until the 1820s, this area of Hackney was largely open expanses with a few country houses dotted around. In the 1820s, with the opening of Regent’s Canal, the development of the area began to give it much of the landscape it has today. The majority of housing built around that time was designed for the middle classes of the day and offered, space, space and more space with grand exteriors.

Today, the main attraction of the area would be Kingsland Road for its unique brand of independent shopping, food, bars and clubs that fit in with the cosmopolitan mix of the population. This is also an artery that leads to the City of London itself and Sir Norman Foster’s Gherkin is always visible from it spacious bredth.

De Beauvoir Town also has a boarder with Islington, which itself is famed for housing London’s modern day affluent. With house prices in De Beauvoir Square often over £1 million, the affluence is both sides of the boarder.

Unfortunately, not all residents in the area have been the kind you would want to live with. The film 28 Weeks Later had scenes shot here with several blood thirsty zombies running around, so if you do visit here, make sure you take the head off is an undead creature attacks you!

De Beauvoir Town is a middle class area of Hackney with some middle class price tags to match, if you can afford to, it is a beautiful place to live.